A new ground up approach to teaching medicine

At NewMed we are fortunate to crafting a new medical degree without legacy issues. This means we can use best practice approaches to teaching, technology and clinical practice.

How we teach

NewMed’s approach to medical education is to combine the best classroom practice with the best technology. Our students engage online in small problem-based learning groups of 8-10, led by expert academics and clinicians.

Support is highly individualised with a combination of facilitation, mentorship, coaching and peer-to-peer learning. To support learning in and out of class, students will have access to a range of state-of-the art tools and digital resources. 

In addition to online engagement, students come together for multiple, week-long ‘back to base’ (B2B)workshops to practice their clinical and professional skills in a collaborative environment.

NewMed's four teaching themes align to the Australian Medical Council (AMC) domains for the next generation of doctors.

Integrated ‘spiral’ curriculum

The NewMed program teaches the bodily systems using problem and case-based learning.

Clinical presentations explored in Problem-Based Learning (PBL) progressively increase in complexity across the program, integrating and building on previous knowledge.

NewMed 'spiral' curriculum
NewMed 'spiral' curriculum