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medical student placement in your clinic!

Join with us to increase General Practitioner numbers and improve Australia’s healthcare landscape.

NewMed is currently seeking Primary Care placements for students in Years 1 — 3
of our proposed graduate Doctor of Medicine* (MD) Program, commencing in 2026.

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(eg. remote, rural, urban)
e.g. GP owned (one-two clinics), GP owned - multiple clinics, clinic affiliated with a rural hospital, corporately owned practice
(not FTEs)

Doctor of Medicine

Our program features:

Local clinical placement
NewMed students learn online, and are placed in a local Primary Care setting from the commencement of the program.

Amazing student learning experiences
With second-to-none teacher/student ratios and access to innovative digital tools and resources, our emphasis is on the student experience.

Small class sizes
NewMed students will participate in case-based-learning online, in small groups of approximately 10.

Innovation in medical education
Across the program, NewMed will provide face-to-face ‘back-to-base weeks’ provide clinical & professional skills training.

NewMed has a real Primary Care emphasis, and seeks to graduate students with an inter-disciplinary, patient-centric approach to healthcare. We need your help to ensure that they receive exposure to the diverse range of patient presentations in local, outer urban,
regional, rural and remote communities. We aim to improve access for medical students outside of big cities.

NewMed students will be placed in a Primary Care setting, with a half-day placement in Year 1, a day per week in Year 2, and 3 days per week in Year 3. This is an invaluable opportunity for students to study in or near their own community, and come to understand the challenges and rewards of Primary Care, under the expert supervision of GPs such as yourself.

We are also looking for experienced GPs to help set up placements, and subsequently join us in academic faculty roles to guide, supervise and teach our students. Please get involved with this exciting new and different MD Program, that puts General Practice first. The intention of our MD Program is to provide more GPs for the broad Australian community.

A Primary Care emphasis, for the next generation of safe and trusted doctors

From the early placements to the end of the third year, GP placements will
add up to approximately 1400 hours.

Programmatic Assessment

We assess our students’ performance in many ways during the year and with some end-of-year exams. We monitor performance and use Progress Panels. This encourages continuous progress, and ensures that students are supported in their workplace training across all four years.

Supervisor Support

GP clinical educators will be offered professional development and support to supervise and mentor their students. Regional placement leads will help support and monitor student progress. We provide an intuitive smartphone app for undertaking workplace based assessments (WBAs).

GP Stipend

NewMed will provide a stipend for every placement, which will increase across years 1, 2 & 3. This is in addition to any Practice Incentives Program (PIP) payments.

AMC Standards

NewMed’s curriculum encompasses 9 Streams, including Communication and Clinical Skills, Leadership and Professionalism, Advocacy and Public Health, and First Nations Health, which are mapped to the AMC Domains for Primary Medical Programs (2024).

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